Heels Beals

A confidence man, Heels hired the enormous Acres O’Reilly as a freak attraction at a drive-in, cashing in on her popularity and paying her near nothing in return. Tracy would soon uncover criminal nature and attempt to arrest him. Heels setup a fan blade deathtrap which Tracy narrowly avoided before arresting him. His name is a joke on the well-known expression of amazement: “Hells Bells!”.

In a possible later story —
A midget who wore platform shoes with hollow built-up heels, in which he concealed stolen jewels. Beals eluded Tracy by hiding inside a giant soda bottle that was intended for use as part of an advertising billboard; while Beals was inside the bottle, workmen attached it to the billboard several hundred feet above the ground. Beals called for help but was unheard, and died slowly from thirst and exposure.


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