Ivy was a man who carried on an affair with a woman named Flossie and forced her mute ten year old daughter named Spec to shoot Flossie’s husband. (who was Spec’s stepfather). He also ran a large counterfeiting ring from the inside of a hollowed-out mountain. After the shooting, Flossie and Ivy quickly married and took a cruise for their honeymoon while Tracy and Pat interviewed Spec and couldn’t believe that she could have been the shooter. When they find Flossie’s locket with a picture of Ivy that Spec identifies, they put out his description over the radio and Ivy suspects Flossie has betrayed him and goes to throw her overboard the cruise ship. Flossie gains the upperhand though and Ivy goes over the side instead and loses an arm in the shark infested waters.

Flossie goes to the police to retrieve her child and reveals everything about Ivy. Ivy learns this and creates a distraction by setting fire to several police cars and then sneaking into the station and killing Flossie. He then returns to his hideout and tries to blow up the cave with a booby trap that will catch Trazy and Lizz. The two cops escape just in time and then arrest Ivy.

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