Jack of Spades

Little is known of the Jack of Spades, but he was a member of the Royal Flush leadership group of the 52 Gang.  From a leadership meeting of the gang, led by Ace of Spades and infiltrated by Dick Tracy we learned that Jack was in charge of the gang’s Extortion and Shakedown Racket .  Dick Tracy had infiltrated the gang’s mesa plateau vacation spot to recover the stolen Space Coupe which the gang was using to expand its criminal empire.  Tracy recovered the Coupe, captured the Ace of Spades and killed the King of Spades before calling for the surrender of the rest of the 52 Gang.  The Queen of Spades, spurred this offer and began firing on the police who responded with napalm.  When members of the gang tried to surrender, their Queen fired on them as well.  It was not revealed how Jack died, to fire, bullets or diving off a cliff, but all members of the gang seem to have died.

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