Johnny Nothing

JJohnnyNothingohnny Nothing claimed to be the grandson of the original Blank, Frank Redrum.  Johnny appeared in a 2010 storyline where Dick Tracy played himself during a “Murder Mystery” play produced by Anja Nu.  Nothing was playing the role of his grandfather in the play but used live ammunition and chased Tracy off stage midway through the show.  Anja called a quick intermission as the two played cat and mouse throughout the Science Museum where the play was staged.  Johnny cornered Dick in a World War II era Stukka fighter hanging from the ceiling and went at the cockpit with an axe.  As he raised the weapon to finish Tracy off, Anja fired a gun, wounding Johnny who fell to the floor.  Anja kept the weapon trained on Tracy, intending to kill Dick herself, but the plane came loose from its moorings and crashed to the floor, crushing her.  Johnny Nothing was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.

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