King of Spades

KingofSpadesThe King of Spades was the second in command of the 52 Gang, an underworld organization with global aspirations.  In the Fall of 1962 Diet Smith had just revealed his newest invention, the Space Coupe.  The King of Spades and a pair of gang members approached Coupe inventor Dyne O’Matick and forced him at knife point to pilot the vessel for them on a series of underworld assassinations.

The 52 Gang’s first target was Orner Jamison, head of the World Law Enforcement group.  Jamison was jettisoned from the Coupe into orbit, much to Dyne’s horror.  Next was gambling czar, Jimmy Gander who was killed and hug from the top of the steeple at the Northdale Union Station.  Finally a Bolivian editor named Gomets was picked up in the United Stations and dropped to his death on the steps of his office in Bolivia.  This cinched it for Tracy, he knew the Space Coupe had been stolen by criminals.

KingofSpades_OrbitThe King then joined the Ace of Spades and the rest of the 52 Gang on a mesa plateau vacation hideaway to rest, relax and celebrate their victories.  This is where Dick Tracy tracked the gang down and infiltrated the vacation spot, posing as a senior leader, Ten of Spades.  When the Ace and King of Spades announced plans to take the Space Coupe to Hong Kong for business, Dick stowed away on the ship and tried to take control.  The two gang members fought back and hard punching Tracy won the day with the King of Spades getting orbited in the conflict.  The Ace of Spades was captured and attempts to capture the rest of the 52 Gang led to the death of every other gang member in a fiery conclusion.  We never learn the King’s true identity.

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