Krome is a man who uses children’s toys as weapons, and decides to start his own killing business called Crime Inc. One of his toys fails to kill a victim though ,bringing in the police. Krome comes back to see why it hasn’t gone off and is not only greeted by the police, but his double-crossing moll, Kitty, as well. As she shoots Krome and Lowse from the back, Tracy throws the nitro from the toy from the front. Lowse is killed and the wounded Krome is abducted by Kitty. Krome gets the best of her, electrocutes her, and escapes with his gangrenous hand. He forces the driver of a radio station’s car to take him to a doctor. The driver uses a radio to alert the police to their location and is shot by Krome. Krome finds a doctor, has his hand amputated, and gets the doctor to arrange him a ride in a snowplow. Tracy comes across the doctor and is soon on Krome’s trail. In desperation, Krome hijacks the plow, crashes into a lake, and when he crawls out, he freezes to death.

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