Méliès (Melies)

Melies2Méliès is the top ranking enforcer working for the underworld organization, the Consortium (also known as The Black Hearts), which appears to be led by a woman named Venus.  In 2013 the Consortium launched plot through Dr. Zy Ghote and Dr. Tim Sail to fake the return of Moon Maid in a plot to steal Diet Smith’s Space Coupe.  The original attempt failed, with Consortium agent Bardoll killed by Dick Tracy.

Following Bardoll’s death, Méliès was sent to calm the two doctors down and coordinate a new plan to steal the Space Coupe.  Méliès let Dr. Ghote go to Diet and reveal that their Moon Maid (Mysta) was really a genetic creation he and Sail had created.  As a result of this revelation, Diet agreed to take Ghote through a terrible rainstorm to the George Wheaton farm to see Mysta immediately.

The Wheaton farm was also in the midst of another underworld plot, whereby the Apparatus planned to strong-arm Wheaton into selling his mineral rights.  Apparatus enforcers B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Doubleup were all watching the farm when Méliès arrived with his own team, the Munro brothers.

B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Doubleup engaged Méliès and three of the four Munro brothers in a gunfight while the Space Coupe arrived overhead.  The final Munro brother, Flash headed towards the Coupe, intending to steal it with Doctor’s Sail and Ghote.  Flash and the doctors did board the Coupe, but Diet used his remote control to send the spacecraft into deep space, removing the troublesome invention from Earth once and for all.  The Apparatus members withdrew from the gunfight and Melies was forced to report a failure to steal the Space Coupe.

MeliesTripToMoonMelies is one of the more unique characters yet created, with a Moon-like round and cratered head.  His name and likeness are an homage to Georges Méliès, who created the 1902 black and white film, “A Trip to the Moon.”

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