MumblesThe guitar player of the band “Mumbles Quartet“, Mumbles and his band booked ritzy parties and would then rob their hosts after the performance. Mumbles was “ratted” out by his singer Kiss Andtel. Kidnapping Andtel, Mumbles and his gang escaped on a boat which he rigged a bomb to explode with his companions while he kept the full amount of $60,000 in stolen cash. Dick Tracy would arrive in time to save Andtel and the gang, but Mumbles believed he had killed them and continued to float at sea until he accidentally popped his life raft and seemed to drown.

It turns out Mumbles did not die and was instead rescued by an elderly eccentric millionaire and health nut George Ozone. Mumbles began to tutor Ozone’s rambunctious children, Neki and Hokey and learned yoga and exercise from Ozone. Mumbles and Cinn (Ozone’s ex-wife) conspired together to steal a treasure cache Ozone had hidden and mapped out on the children’s feet.  Cinn and Mumbles betrayed each other and Mumbles eventually overpowered the woman and killed her.  Dick Tracy caught Mumbles where the treasure was buried and the two battled long before the two were seperated escaping rising swamp waters.  Mumbles choose to stay with his treasure, and seemed to drown.

Not suprisingly, Mumbles seemed to have gills and would survive again, this time appearing on a California talk show as a “clone” of Mumbles created by Dr. Zy Ghote. Dick Tracy, who was in attendance was suspicous and quickly deduced that this Mumbles was still the original. Tracy was proven correct when Mumbles tried to run down Dr. Willis Carver, a plastic surgeon with underworld ties, who had previously restored Haf and Haf’s face. Carver had given Mumbles plastic surgery to pass off as his own clone, so that Zy Ghote could bilk Diet Smith out of millions in order to fund his cloning research. Even knowing that he was a fraud, Smith was willing to fund Ghote so that he could eventually make a clone of himself, feeling an emptiness in his heart at the loss of his ex-wife and son (this was brought about by the news that Tess Tracy was pregnant with Tracy’s second blood child). Mumbles turned on Ghote and went to the hospital disguised as a doctor to finish off Carver. Tracy, who was posing as Carver, caught Mumbles in the act and arrested him and Ghote. Tracy was confident that the charges against the criminal would hold up because of both Mumbles scars and speech habits weren’t hereditary.

Amazingly, Mumbles was paroled and served as a consultant in a “Dick Tracy” movie.   When he learned that Haf and Haf was sabotaging the movie, he tried to benefit from the crime by blackmailing the director Damill for $100,000 to stop the sabotage.  The director went to Tracy and soon Mumbles was again in deep water (a swimming pool) but this time he ended up behind bars.

Most recently, Mumbles was again released from jail with the help of a criminal lawyer and became a member of a gang of high-profile criminals assembled by the new Mr. Crime.  While working for Mr. Crime he arranged for the murder of his former band mates in a car bomb.  When the gang’s hideout at the Panda Talent Agency was raided by police, Mumbles survived three gunshot wounds but was once again arrested.

As is has become normal for well connected criminals, Mumbles would soon walk on bail thanks to the services of Mr. Kleen, a lawyer working for The Apparatus.  Mumbles joined B-B Eyes (the Capo) and Doubleup working for the criminal organization as an enforcement crew.  The trio laid low in the darker parts of the city, staying out of Dick Tracy’s sight.  There they met with Stiletta Jones and Blackjack.  Mumbles made the mistake of talking ill of Stiletta’s dead husband, Flattop and nearly took a knife through the throat.  The trio would later clash with members of the opposing Consortium on the Wheaton farm but the gunfight was without casualties.  A short time later Mumbles ran into Dr. Zy Ghote who was part of the Consortium plan to steal Diet Smith’s Space Coupe.  Mumbles shot Ghote in the arm for old time’s sake.


Mumbles trademark is never speaking clearly, i.e. mumbling. This was indicated textually by letters being left out of his dialogue.


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