Posie Ermine

PosieErminePosie Ermine was a perfume bootlegger and murderer.  When his daughter Mindy entered the Moon Maid look-a-like contest sponsored by Sunny Wheat cereal, her father bribed a Sunny Wheat official to rig the contest. Mindy still was only the runner-up, with Sparkle Plenty winning the contest.  Mindy was very upset and her father killed the bribed Sunny Wheat official and left the body covered in cereal.

Posie returned to his perfume bootlegging and Mindy joined him after a quick trip to South America for unknown reasons.  The pair sold a stolen load of Essence of Shala No. 5 to Madam Parfum, who ran a salon to sell the stolen scents.  Meanwhile, Tracy investigated the Sunny Wheat murder and clues left behind at the crime scene led them to suspect the Ermine’s.

Sparkle Plenty, who wanted to give runner-up Mindy a gift, accompanied police to their apartment. Posie saw them coming and pulled out a gun while Mindy prepared to smash Sparkle’s head with a perfume bottle.  Tracy kicked open the door, causing Mindy’s bottle to shatter against her father’s face, temporarily blinding him and his favorite hat fell off his head and out their window.  Still lacking evidence, Tracy did not arrest either father or daughter at this point.

The hat held evidence that could implicate Posie in the murder and also had plans for an upcoming heist so he and Mindy attempted to recover the hat from old Nik, a carriage driver who had found the hat and put it on his horse’s head.  They failed to grab the hat while driving by in a car, instead panicking the horse.  This lead to the discover of the plans and the hat was turned over to police.

Mindy and Posie began sleeping at Madam Parfum’s salon and Lizz entered the shop posing as a customer for Shala No. 5.  Mindy seeing Lizz’s badge hidden in a purse attacked the cop with a pair of scissors but was quickly overpowered and both women were taken in to the police station.  They were held only briefly, with Posie’s attorney, Habe Corpussle getting them out on bond.

Mindy, Parfum, Habe and Posie all hid out a florist shop owned by Posie but were unknowingly tracked by Dick Tracy who infiltrated the shop at night. Posie heard Tracy in the shop, but accidentally fell into his own quicksand trap in the garden when Sam surprised him by crashing through the glass ceiling in an Air Car. Everyone was arrested in short order although Mindy screamed she was only a juvenile and if this was true was probably not tried as an adult.

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