PouchPouch was an accomplice of Molene and Johnny Scorn and had a face vaguely resembling a kangaroo’s. Originally a an immensely fat man who exhibited himself in a freakshow, he drastically lost weight but his skin did not shrink; it formed a “dewlap” at his throat and similar pouches all over his body.  He then had snap fasteners surgically implanted into these, and used the pouches to conceal contraband.

In 2011, he reappeared as middleman and information broker with a cover of selling balloons in the park.  When Ed Garcia looked to sell the plans and prototype to a Diet Smith weapon he connected Ed with Willie the Fifth.  While it all ended badly for those two criminals, Pouch’s involvement escaped notice and he would later appear in the hideout of Putty Puss demanding payment to keep quiet after Harley’s escape from prison.  Putty Puss paid him off.

After the new Mr. Crime saga played out, Dick Tracy was taken captive by Stiletta Jones, ex-wife of Flattop Jones over from Europe.  Sam Catchem approached Pouch in the park asking for Tracy’s whereabouts.  Pouch protested that simply talking to Sam could hurt his reputation but one look from Sam convinced Pouch to give up the information which would lead to Dick’s rescue.

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