Ribs Mocco

Ribs Mocco

Ribs meets Tracy undercover.

Big Boy’s second in command. Ribs Mocco was responsible for arranging a payroll robbery with his man Spike, a new man named Joe Smith and the kidnapped Tess Trueheart as the getaway driver.  What Ribs didn’t realize was Joe Smith was in fact the new detective, Dick Tracy in desguise.  As the robbery went down, Tracy and the cops sprung their trap and arrested Ribs and Spike and then Tracy helped Tess escape.Big Boy paid Ribs’ bail and ordered him to kill Tracy.  Setting up a hit on Tracy’s cab, things went awry for Ribs when his own driver made a wrong turn and Crutch and Spike ended up badly shooting Ribs instead.  In the hopsital Ribs refused to rat on Big Boy and would later skip jail.

After Big Boy was arrested, Ribs made several attempts to bust the boss out of jail, the final attempt was a raid on the jail house itself but Tracy found a clue just in time and caught him in the act, putting Ribs in jail beside Big Boy instead.  Stooge soon got out of jail again and hired Stooge Viller to set up Tracy. After Viller was arrested, Ribs fled town and was never seen again.

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