Sal Monella

Sal Monella’s first crime was to convert garbage into food products which he then sold as snacks on an airline.  Chased by Tracy, Sal was thought killed by a trash compactor.  Years later Sal turned up alive and made a deal with Big Al, the head of Big Ed’s waste management for multiple loads of garbage.  Monella rented a stadium to hold the garbage, recruited several bums into a band he called “The Municipal Slime” and held a a stadium concert.  Detective Frisk, who was following up on the original Monella case trailed him trying to deduce what crime he was committing.  In fact, Monella commited no crime with his concert, but Frisk and Sal still got involved in a shootout and fell into a garbage truck.  The two appeared to have been dumped into the harbor but no body was ever recovered.

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