Selbert Depool

An escaped lunatic who killed his father at a health club and later hid out with his mother who had also hated her husband. After Mrs. Depool stole Selbert’s sweater from the evidence locker at the police station, Tracy arrived at the Depool home and Selbert hid in an old basement cistern, unseen by Tracy. Tensions in the household soon led to violence, Selbert was wounded and Mrs. Depool killed while the home burned down. Selbert escapes with plenty of cash and buys a bar to hide out. When one of his girls gets to nosy, he kills her and this brings the police after him. He hides out in a parade atop a float and it’s from there that he shoots Tracy. The float driver pulls under a low underpass, crushing the float and killing Selbert.

Depool is “Looped” spelled backwards.

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