Slicer ran a small team car thief gang for Boss Herrod’s organization that was in fact working for Big Boy Caprice who was still in prison. When a couple of his hoods tried to use Junior as a lookout he and the men were arrested. In jail Slicer caved in to interrogation lamp techniques and ratted out a meeting at an old Ice Factory where there rest of the car thief ring was arrested.

In prison Slicer began suffering withdraw symptoms caused by his drug addiction and begged for a needle. Tracy enlisted Doc Gauger to administer a truth serum (Scopolamine) to Slicer who believed it was drugs. In his drugged state, Slicer was about to reveal the man in charge, Boss Herrod but a compatriot busted in and freed Slicer.

The two began working on Boss Herrod’s racketeering business, killing a non-paying grocer named Benny and hitting another shop with a pineapple bomb. Slicer would vanish from the story at this point so we are unsure what became of hoodlum. While under the truth serum Slicer revealed he was a former stick up man.>

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