Appearing in a 1960 story line, Spots was drawn with spots which he saw before his eyes. Spots attempted to secure large sums of money; first by fraudulent means that lead him to commit murder and finally blackmail. Spots was killed in street shootout with Tracy, the spots before his eyes disappearing on death.

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  1. John Perin says:

    With regard to the villian “Spots” from 1960. The spots shown in front of his face were as though he was seeing “spots before his eyes”. Not that he had spots on his face. When he was killed in the street shootout with Tracy, the spots (before his eyes) disappeared because he was dead and, therefore, could no longer see.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much. I’ve not been able to read this story (or much of anything from the 60’s) and was going purely on info I could scrounge up. Hoping in time I’ll be able to read it!

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