Steve “The Tramp” Brogan

When Tracy saw a little kid running around and acting as a pick-pocket, he decided to follow him and see who he belonged to. The kid’s “owner” was Steve who frequently beat him when he didn’t provide Steve with enough stolen goods. One night when Steve realized that Tracy was snooping around, he knocked him unconscious and robbed him. The kid felt sorry for Tracy and for his insolence, Steve tried to throw the kid in front of a train. Tracy managed to save the kid and beat up Steve and arrest him. Tracy decided to adopt the kid, who took on the name Dick Tracy Jr.

After a short time in jail Steve travelled to Colorado looking for work where Steve found Hank Steele, Junior’s real father who was offering a reward for his son. Steve, not knowing that Junior was in fact the correct son tried to steal Junior back to pass him off for the $5,000 reward. During the return journey Steve killed a mailman and is now wanted for murder. Tracy arrested Steve but Junior remains with his rightful father Hank Steele. A jury convicts Steve and he is sentenced to life in prison.

Not long later, Steve and Stooge Viller meet in prison, each holding a grudge against both Tracy and the boy Junior. Together they plan and escape the pen in spectacular fashion. Tracy, fearing for Junior and his father’s safety sent them on a cruise ship with Pat Patton while tracking down the escapees. Steve is arrested while hiding out with Stooge and Maxine Viller, heading back to prison.

A year later Brogan again escaped from prison and hides out with Larceny Lu. Needing medical attention, Larceny Lu calls in Doc Hump who is captured before he can perform surgery. Lu and her associate Mortimer attempt to patch the Tramp up but end up badly disfiguring him. Steve helps Larceny Lu deal with an enemy Scotty Bumpstead and is then badly injured by Scotty’s mother Edith. Believing he is dying he tells Lu about Junior and his mother Mary Steele. Dick Tracy arrives and captures the Tramp once again.

In 1941 it was revealed Steve had reformed and was released from prison to operate a fruit stand. When Steve’s delivery truck was hit by Duke the Dip, Steve was framed for an armored car robbery but later exonerated by Dick Tracy. Later on we learned that he was once a wealthy prospector and the second husband of Mary Steele, making him Junior Tracy’s step father.

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