Stooge Viller

Hired by Ribs Mocco to disgrace Dick Tracy, Stooge planted counterfeit bills in Tracy’s wallet which got him kicked off the force and broken up with Tess. After the breakup, Stooge moved in on Tess, proposing to her. After the engagement, Tess discovered Stooge had set Tracy up and confronted him. Stooge shot Tess and made a run for it but unfortunatly ran into Tracy at the train station. After a short fight, Stooge was arrested and Tracy redeemed. In cuffs, Stooge makes an attempt to commit suicide but was stopped by the officers in the room.

Soon after his arrest, Stooge and Steve the Tramp escape prison and hide out with his sister Maxine Viller. When Tracy tracks them down, Stooge and Maxine flee to Canda while the Tramp is caught. By chance a cruise liner with Pat Patton, Hank Steele and Junior wrecks near the cruise ship they mean to board and Stooge lures them to a warehouse where he shoots Hank Steele when the old man tries to protect Junior. Stooge then runs for it, splitting from his sister and dives into the harbor water to escape justice.

Stooge meets up with a ship captain named Old Mike and the two kidnap Tess Trueheart, planning to ransom her back to Tracy for the inheritence money he earned from Hank Steele’s will. Then plan goes to pieces when Dick Tracy shows up and arrests Stooge and later Mike after Tess escapes on her own.

After getting out of prison in 1939, he started trouble again with Tracy and also tried in vain to get to know his little daughter Binnie Viller. After trying to kill Tracy, Stooge was accidentally shot by Binnie and later died in the hospital. Before his death hecame to an understanding with Tracy and asked him to tell his daughter he had returned to jail.

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