Stud Bronzen

Stud Bronzen was once a member of the Supeena gang having been saved from the Blank by Pat Patton.  Supposedly getting out of rackets, Brozen became involved in the slave trade disguised as a salvage operation, working for boss Lee Ting.  Dick Tracy and Coast Guard Captain Shellbury locate Bronzen’s boat and follow it across he seas as Stud picks up his prisoners. As Stud is releasing prisoners off his boat at one point, Tracy suddenly catches up so Bronzen panics and kills the rest of the slaves. He gets away, but Tracy captures the boat of another slave smuggler named Rottur. They use Rottur’s boat to approach Bronzen as if to replenish his slave supply. Bronzen sees that it’s a trap, and a shoot-out occurs, and Bronzen is killed.

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