T.V. Wiggles

T.V. ran a protection racket where if a bar didn’t pay up, he’d ruin their T.V. set. When Sparkle Plenty becomes famous on television, and Vitamin Flintheart becomes her agent, T.V. sets his sights on Vitamin’s agent commission. If Vitamin refuses, he has the ability to pinch Sparkle’ spinal cord and put her into a coma. Vitamin tells Tracy, who puts a stop to things and goes after T.V. T.V. retaliates by sneaking into the television studio and trying to shoot Sparkle only to be stopped by Mugg. B.O. and Tracy go after T.V. and as a result B.O. is shot and goes into a coma. Tracy catches up to T.V. in a repair garage, and clumsy T.V. knocks a stack of sheet metal on top of himself, cutting him to pieces.

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