Ten of Spades

Ten of Spades was the junior member of the 52 Gang’s leadership council, the Royal Flush.  The 52 Gang kept their identities secret from each other, but Ten’s real name was Simmy Colon, a criminal Dick Tracy had once arrested.  For the 52 Gang he was the primary Fence for Stolen Jewelry through out the nation.  Simmy had a romantic relationship with the Queen of Spades, who at one point states that she “owned him.”

When Dick Tracy parachuted down the 52 Gang’s mesa plateau vacation hide-away in search of the stolen Space Coupe, Colon woke from a beach chair and after a short fight with Dick was tossed over the cliff edge.  With Simmy dead, Dick posed as the Ten of Spades in camp, utilizing chronic throat issues Colon had to mask his voice.  This ruse was difficult with the overtures of the Queen of Spades, but worked long enough to get the Space Coupe and bring down the gang.


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