Boris Arson

BorisArsonBoris Arson led a band of criminals planning to use nitro on six vaults around the country and simultaneously rob them before authorities could act.  Unfortunately for Boris, the government was tipped off to these plot by Mary Steele who found herself working as Boris’s maid.  Tracy is deputized by the government to deal with the national criminals and Boris found out about Tracy, tried to have him killed but failed.  Boris and his gang escaped to an airport with Tracy and Pat Patton in pursuit. One of Boris’s men, B-2, captured Tracy and Patton, but when Boris’s attention was elsewhere Patton traded places with a gang member and slipped aboard the plane and stopped it. Enraged, Boris went to kill Tracy, but Tracy managed to get free and subdue Boris and arrest the gang.

In jail, Boris would make the first of his escapes, getting his hands on Pat Patton’s gun and shooting his way out of headquarters.  He made his way to a hideout and had one of his men bring Mary Steele as part of a trap to kill Dick Tracy.  Tracy of course was to wise to come alone and arrived with a police posse and Boris found himself in jail once again.

Shortly after this jail stint he began to receive coded letters from his sister Zora who advised him to carve a gun out of a potato and dye it black with iodine. Using this idea, he was able to break out once again, much to the dismay of Chief Brandon who had let him cook in his cell and have potatoes in the first place. Boris and Zora then decided that the best way for Boris to get out of the city would be to marry the daughter of Indian Chief Yellowpony and leave as a married couple. Yellowpony quickly saw through their scheme and found himself, along with his wife and daughter, hostage. He bailed out of Boris’ car and got Tracy, while Boris and Zora dumped the two women and went to hide out with Cutie Diamond.

Boris and Zora made their way to Diamond’s hideout in the Ozark Mountains. Heavily fortified, Cutie had been hiding out there for years and had a cave hideaway guarded by two wildcats. It was this that he was showing the Arsons when Tracy, Patton and Yellowpony showed up. Unable to get past the wildcats, Tracy connected a hose to his car’s exhaust and pumped it into the cave. Zora and Cutie came running out, guns blazing, but they were shot down. Boris hid in the cave until Tracy fired a machine gun into it and a ricochet bullet caught Boris. Wounded, he was taken away.

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