The Rhodent

A man Hillis who worked at Ray’s Rare Fish told the Rhodent about E. Kent Hardley’s large fortune of small change and how Hillis had sold Hardley an electric eel to protect the fortune hidden in the basement of his store. When Hillis demands payment for the information Rhodent throws him into a tank of piranhas.

A tropical storm hits the city buries Kent’s store in debris and when work crews arrive to dig up the treasure they find it missing. Rhodent’s men have already stolen the coins and haul it away in a dump truck. During the theft the dump truck crosses a bridge which collapses under the very heavy weight. Rhodent recruits a local farmer named Pop MacDonald and his daughter Fatty to pull the dump truck out with a tractor. Before they can hook up the chains a freak lightning bolt strikes the truck, incinerating Rhodent’s two men and melting millions of coins into a giant ingot.

Rhodent’s cover is blown and he runs from the MacDonald’s and when Junior arrives Fatty gives him Rhodent’s description. Rhodent steals some money from his blind parents and uses the money to hire a thug named Halffa Millyon to kill the snitching Fatty MacDonald. Tracy has Lizz pose as Fatty, figuring Rhodent would attempt to kill the witness and when Halffa struck, Lizz threw him out the farmhouse window, killing the assassin.

Rhodent decided to try again and posed as a modelling agent, kidnapping Fatty and killing her Pop. Sam and Tracy gave chase in a car and the Rhodent, desperate to escape, swerved onto train tracks and a passing train clipped his vehicle, throwing Fatty clear while the Rhodent was dragged to death.

Noted as one of the few Tracy villains who openly acknowledged his unusual features.

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