Twitchy Oliver

TwitchyOliverTwitchell “Twitchy” Oliver was the brother of the infamous Itchy Oliver who was shot dead by Dick Tracy after an attempt on Tracy’s life.  He got his name from a “Twitch” in his eye when he was nervous or aggravated.  He was thought to have been a part of several of brother’s schemes and was known as a con man, serving an extended stint in jail in which he supposedly rehabilitated himself and took a course on photography.

In 1983, Twitchy Oliver ran a photography business and partnered up with B.D. Eyes, the brother of B-B Eyes who worked with Itchy.  The two wanted to find $100,000 hidden in B-B Eyes old home currently owned by the horror novelist, Stephanie Queen.  B.D. posed as a live in butler for Stephanie and planted video projects and a holographic device to try to scare the writer out of the house.  Instead, Stephanie sought out Dick Tracy’s help to deal with what she thought was the Ghost of Itchy.

Tracy didn’t believe in ghosts and quickly deduced the butler did it. Dick and Johnny Adonis laid a trap for the two crooks during their next scare attempt.  With Johnny disguised under the covers of Queen’s bed, the two jumped out. Twitchy managed to shoot Dick in the chest but his vest caught the bullet.  Adonis then grabbed Twitchy and Dick nabbed B.D. Eyes.  Both men went off to jail.

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