Independent Criminals

High level independent criminals of any organized faction and working for themselves.

NameActive YearsBrief BioStatus
Alec Penn / Count Gordon1932Alec Penn was an international swindler, murderer and forger with numerous aliases. Free
Old Mike1933A ship captain and smuggler who teamed up with Stooge Viller.Dead
Mad Doc Hump1934A mad scientist crime doctor who loved to "experiement".Dead
The Blank1937Masked villian who slowly killed off the Supeena gang. The Blank was finally revealed to be Frank Redrum.Jailed
Marro1938Jealous associate of poison gas producer Karpse.Free
Karpse1938Supplied poison gas to foreign powers.Dead
Halone1938Agent for a foreign power obtaining poison gas from Karpse.Dead
Professor M. Emirc1939An inventor who specialized in rigged weapons for criminals.Unknown
Black Pearl1940Black Pearl is the pseudonym of Pearl Erad, a creator of exploding war machines.Jailed
Krome1940, 1941A maker of deadly Toy's, Krome creating a murdering business called Crime Inc.Dead
The Mole1941, 2012, 2013An ex-counterfeiter who provided shelter for criminals and then killed them.Free
Cal Bullet Jr.1942Chemical genius/traitor who murdered his own father and worked with Pruneface.Dead
Clara1942Jukebox operator and go between for Pruneface and Cal Bullet.Jailed
Agent 201942Pruneface accomplice who was trapped with him in a house surrounded by Police.Dead
Pruneface1942, 1983, 1986*, 1987, 1999Nazi German agent who led a sabotage ring against the United States.Dead
Tojo1942Japanese Spy associate of Pruneface. He was captured by Dick Tracy.Jailed
Mrs. Pruneface1943Wife of Pruneface who sought revenge on Dick Tracy for her husbands death.Dead
Flattop Jones1943, 1944Professional hitman hired to kill Dick Tracy.Dead
Zola1944One of three blackmarketers who hired Flattop to kill Dick Tracy.Jailed
Bud Jenkins194410 year old pickpocket and blackmailer of Flattop Jones.Dead
The Brow1944German spy ring master.Dead
Influence1946, 1947Influence is a hypnotist, legbreaker and thief who uses the mind to his advantage.Jailed
Crewy Lou Brown1951Professional photographer who would kidnap Bonnie Braids.Dead
Spinner Record1951Owned a music store and tried to rob $500,000 from police safe.Jailed
Flattop Jones Jr.1956Son of the hitman Flattop, Junior kept Tracy on his toes for nearly a year.Dead
The BrushDick Tracy Stories – 1962Ran a racket claiming a condition from radioactive fallout.Dead
Dr. Olga1963A towering doctor who developed a heart transplant producer for evil purposes.Jailed
Eric Von Rhino1964Head of the Von Rhino spy ring looking for aviatrix found in ice.Dead
Trinka1964An enemy aviatrix who shot down Lita Flite in 1937.Dead
Haf and Haf1966, 1967, 1978, 1990, 2003*A two faced criminal and murderer who faced off with Tracy several times.Unknown
Chin Chillar1967, 1968Fashion forward man who stole a Space Coupe with his wife Notta.Dead
Dr. Freezedrei1983, 1987Cryogenic's scientist who brought Pruneface back to life.Dead
Egan Oipse1985A man of espionage who tried to sell Plutonium 239 to Angeltop Jones.Dead
Mistress of Death2001A shake down artist who preached for donations.Dead
Gnash2004Led a team of foreign terrorists who took hostages at City U College.Jailed
Mr. Pixel2005A high-tech criminal hackerFree
Al Kinda2006A terrorist cell leader who plotted to steal cash from lottery winners.Dead
Gretchen Von KluMeister2007Granddaughter of an ex-East German spy with her own plans.Dead
Coldspot2007A Russian spy chief with a longing for the Cold War days.Free
Virgil Ohso2009, 2010A foreign embezzeller with a grudge against an Ambassador.Jailed
Dr. Mordred2010, 2011A notorious serial killer who spent stormy night with Tracy.Dead
Morning Gloria2010, 2011A long wanted bomb maker who moved in next to the Plentys.Jailed
Blaze Rize2010, 2011, 2012Twin sister of Hot Rize a top player in the new Mr. Crime organization.Free
Abner Kadaver2010, 2011, 2012An assassin straight out of a horror movie.Jailed
Phishface2010, 2011, 2012A sushi loving criminal who ran an online phishing racket.Jailed
Blackjack2012, 2013A robin hood style bank robber obsessed with Dick Tracy.Free
The Jumbler2013A puzzle slinging criminal who challenged Dick Tracy's wits.Jailed
Silver Nitrate2014A theater based con man and murderer.Free

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