Al Kinda

Al Kinda was a terrorist cell leader who was desperate to meet his cash quota to send back to Afghanistan.  Al decided to try stealing money from recent lottery winners and sent his lackey, Lottie Latte to pick up lottery winners B.O. and Gertie Plenty and bring them and their money back to him.  While in route to Al’s place, there was an accident and the Plenty’s money bag was switched with a presidential bag containing missile launch codes.

Kinda was overjoyed when he found the launch codes and ordered Lottie to kill the Plentys.  Lottie, who it turns out was working for the NSA, failed to kill them and B.O. knocked Al out and ran off with Gertie the code bag.  When he woke, Al in a rage shot Lottie, carjacked a taxi and went in search of the odd lottery winners.

The terrorist finally found the Plentys hailing a cab with Dick Tracy and he beat Tracy in a fist fight and ran off with the Plentys money bag (thinking it contained the codes) and Dick’s wrist genie.  Al met an associate the closed Capitol building and was given a bomb.  Tracy, who was tracking his wrist genies GPS followed Al Kinda in and the two ended up on the outside ledge of the Capitol dome.  Tracy shot the money bag from Al’s hands while Al shot the gun out of Tracy’s hand.  Preparing the finish the detective off, Al was suddenly shot dead from below by Lottie Latte, who had survived her murder because of a beauty compact in her pocket.

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