Alec Penn

Alec Penn had a metal plate put into his skull after he was shot trying to desert from the British Army in World War I. After the war Alec took on a number of identities incluging “Don Juan” the thief and “Count Gordon” an international swindler and murderer of wealthy women. Alec also took to forging stock and bond certificates which came to light when John Waldorf mentioned his suspicions to Dick Tracy. Tracy talks to Penn and shortly after, Penn has several of his men attempt to kill Tracy. Tracy realizes that Penn is behind the attempted murders and chases the gang to Penn’s private zoo where the gang is surrounded and captured. Later, Professor Groff examines Penn’s head with an x-ray machine at headquarters and upon noticing a metal plate in his head, Penn is identified as international swindler Count Gordon. Penn almost gets away when he fakes suicide but Tracy manages to capture him before he escapes headquarters.

Three months later, Gordon would manage to get free on bond and run into Tracy on a train enroute to a vacation with Tess. Count Gordon lured Tracy into his cabin and intended to throw him out the window while the train crossed a gorge. Tracy kept his cool though, managing to stop the train and grab a gun to hold Gordon and his men up. Tracy left them on the tracks in the middle of nowhere. Count Gordon promised to get even but what happened to him is unknown.

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