Blaze Rize

BlazeRizeIntroduced in 2011, Blaze Rize is the twin of slain sister Hot Rize, who was killed by Flakey Biscuits while trying to hide from police in a flour hopper. When first introduced, Blaze met with Panda and was given the location of Flakey Biscuits, who was in witness protection.  Panda was working for Mr. Crime and used this information to buy her services for the new Mr. Crime.  She also bailed out Doubleup and Mumbles out of jail.

A short time later, while Panda organized Mr. Crime’s entry into the Apparatus, Blaze hunted down Flakey Biscuits in Wisconsin and shot her dead.  After the hit, Blaze became a key player in the Mr. Crime organization and was clearly one of the smarter minds in the gang.



After she picked Littleface Finney up from jail, Panda asked her to go out on a date with a twenty something computer nerd named Davey Mylar.  These were orders from Mr. Crime himself and Panda believed Davey was a nephew.  Blaze was upset that she had been relegated to baby-sitter duty but was stunned to learn that Davey was the real Mr. Crime.  He asked her to keep him safe during a visit to the gang’s hideout at the Panda Talent Agency.  The timing could not have been worse, Dick Tracy’s reinforced Major Crime Squad raided the hideout during the visit and Doubleup grabbed Davey, intending to use him as a hostage.  Blaze kept her word and protected Mylar, shooting Doubleup and retreating towards a hidden escape route.  Sadly Davey was hit by a ricochet from the gunfight and lay dying.  He asked Blaze to make up a story for his mother and let her know his computer would wipe the Mr. Crime information if he didn’t log back in soon.  Blaze compassionately visited Mrs. Mylar and told her Davey had died working for the government.

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