George Chin Chillar

ChinChillarGeorge Chin Chillar was working at Diet Smith’s factory on the Moon with his wife Notta where they were contacted by Mr. Bribery who was incarcerated in the state penitentiary.  Bribery enlisted the pair in recovering $100,000 cash that had been left orbiting the Earth following his failed plot to kidnap Honeymoon Tracy.  The Chin Chillars stole one of Diet Smith’s magnetic Space Coupes and used it to break Mr. Bribery out of jail and attached a special net to the back to snag the floating bills in orbit. Toasting their success, the Chillars drugged Bribery and dropped him off back at prison from a great height, killing him in spectacular fashion.

The theft of the Space Coupe immediately got Diet Smith’s attention and he and Tracy chased after the Chin Chillars with another Space Coupe.  The couple avoided capture in orbit for over a week but were beginning to starve and so entered the atmosphere at extreme speed to escape Tracy and Diet. During the reentry, their net full of money was incinerated.

Desperate to find someplace safe, the Chin Chillars sought refuge at the farm and hidden steel mill of mob boss Piggy Butcher.  Years before Chin Chillar had taught Piggy something about burglary.  Piggy however took advantage of the couple and after hiding the Space Coupe as a silo, Piggy forced the Chillars into slavery, working for him and then using the Coupe to steal armored cars.  Stolen vehicles were then salvaged and melted down as steel ingots which Piggy sold as part of the Vietnam war effort.  The Chin Chillars, exhausted and seeking escape flagged down a searching Dick Tracy and provided information on Piggy’s operation in exchange for rescue.  With Moon Maid’s help, Tracy steals Piggy right out of his bed and hauls him off to jail.  Police then raided the underground steel mill, battling the dug in criminals with bulldozers until one of Piggy’s lieutenants triggered explosives in the hideout killing every one of his men.  No officer of the law was harmed.

Piggy Butcher and the Chin Chillars were both released from bail on bond and the Chillars swore to get revenge on Piggy for forcing them into slavery.  After a failed attempt of revenge on Moon Maid by Butcher, the Chillars found Piggy without allies and descended into alcoholism.  The couple dragged him off the street to the basement of their apartment.  They tied him up, intending to torture the mob boss but Sam and Tracy had tracked down their apartment home through an eye glass prescription and knocked on the door.  Chin Chillar fired on the cops and they returned fire, killing Chin Chillar.  His wife surrendered and Tracy and Sam found Piggy, dead from strangulation.

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