Dr. Freezdrei

FreezdreiDr. Cyros Freezdrei brought Pruneface back to life after he froze to death in the snow. Together with Pruneface, Cyros tried to sell secret of “immortality” so as to set up a new Fourth Reich & also take revenge on Dick Tracy for the death of Mrs. Pruneface. Freezdrei was killed in the explosion of his own laboratory.

Several years later, Freezdrei turned up again with Pruneface during the Captain Cure storyline.  Freezdrei had developed a blindness virus that had infected thousands of people, they blackmailed the U.S. Government for one billion dollars before they would provide the cure.  Tracy, Sam, Lizz and swat team infiltrated Pruneface’s secret facility and Tracy and Sam fought with Freezdrei and Pruneface at a satellite lift.  The doctor nearly killed Catchem by crushing him beneath the lift when Tracy knocked him beneath the elevator and saved Catchem.  Freezdrei was crushed by the lift, finally dead.

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