Dr. Mordred

MordredDr. Mordered was a serial killer, considred the most hated man in the United States who murdered 11 people before he was cornered and captured by the FBI. The FBI asked Dick Tracy to quietly transport Mordred to his city for sentencing and the two drove into a terrible storm and their vehicle was swept away by flood waters. Abandoning the vehicle, the two sought refuge in an old granary while a storm of the centuary beat down around them. Mordred passed the time threatening to kill Tracy until he was able to escape the chains holding him and make an attempt on his murderous promise. Tracy forced the serial killer back with his hand gun, holding him at bay over 36 hours until a swarm of rats seeking refuge from flood waters swarmed the room. Dick jumped from the collapsing granary to safety but Mordred was killed by the rats.

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