Dr. Olga

OlgaDr. Olga developed a method of removing hearts and storing them in an atomic powered box that could maintain the still beating heart in a refrigerated liquid indefinitely.  Olga was hired by Dr. Orta and his foster son Smallmouth Bass to provide them with the heart of an Olympic champion named “Pigskin” Parson.  She removed the heart and placed it into a box, hidden in a bus station locker but the police picked up the box before Smallmouth could retrieve it.  Orta refused to pay Olga $6000 and she demanded her money.  With her size, any threats she made had to be dealt with and Dr. Orta convinced his foster son to shoot Olga.  However, when Smallmouth Bass approached Olga, she presented him with a recording of her and Orta.  On the recording Smallmouth’s father also offered her his son’s heart.  Orta planned to give Smallmouth the Olympian’s heart but Smallmouth didn’t recognize the exchange as a gift.  Smallmouth forced his father to return to Olga’s laboratory and the two removed Dr. Orta’s heart.

Olga then showed Smallmouth the back of her lab, a large gym where a 91-year-old man named the General displayed amazing Olympic level athletic skills.  The General had received a heart transplant from Olga.  Olga had several more hearts in her facility and planned to use her skills to keep people she needed to create her own long-lived society alive.

Smallmouth Bass saw the flaws of this plan but kept them to himself, and the two departed to dispose of Orta’s body and also some evidence Olga had in a countryside building.  Dick Tracy hid in the trunk of their rental vehicle and confronted them at the building but the two overpowered him and tied him up with a horse halter.  After that they lit the house on fire but Tracy was able to reach his ankle holster and shoot Smallmouth dead.  Olga fled in the car, and afraid of the police (which Tracy had called with his wrist radio) she kept her headlights off.  In the dark, she went through a construction zone and wedge her car inside a large drainage pipe.  Trapped, she was forced to wait for the police to arrive and arrest her.

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