Egan Oipse

Egan Oipse was a man without a country or conscious who managed to steal Plutonium 239 overseas and transported it to America, hoping to sell it to the criminal trio of Prunella, Angeltop Jones and Quiver Trembly for one million dollars.  Unknown to Egan, Jim Trailer and the FBI were following him once he entered the country.  The government were not sure what he was carrying, but knew he was up to no good.  While Egan waited in his apartment for Angeltop and Quiver to show up and make the trade, he got a call from the girls telling him his apartment was being watched.  Egan tried to leave, but with Jim Trailer and agents outside his front door he paniced and fired multiple shots.  Trailer kicked down the door, returning fire and Egan tried to escape out the window, hoping to use the fire escape.  The fire escape wasn’t where he expected and he fell multiple stories to the concrete below where he was killed and the FBI found the container with the Plutonium 239.

The name Egan Oipse is an anagram for Espionage.

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