Eric Von Rhino


Von Rhino poses as Dr. Ludwick Frost

Eric Von Rhino was the leader of the Von Rhino spy ring that was active in 1937 and remained so until 1964. (Presumably with different goals after World War 2).  Von Rhino instructed a pilot named Trinka in an armed plane to intercept famed aviatrix Lita Flight over the Pacific in 1937.  Trinka took down Lita’s flight but then herself crashed in the Arctic while returning to Von Rhino.  Her body was found in an ice coffin by scientists in 1964 and at first presumed to be that of Lita Flite.  The U.S. Government requested Dr. Ludwick Frost come over from Europe to investigate the body, but Von Rhino arrived first and posed as the famous scientist.  Eric’s impersonation was convincing enough that when Eric escaped with Trinka’s ice coffin, no suspicion was placed on Dr. Frost.

VonRhinoDeathTracy tracked the theft of Trinka’s ice coffin to a moving truck, but while he was investigating the interior, Von Rhino and two accomplices arrived with a fuel truck.  They locked the detective inside and lit the truck on fire using gasoline.  Tracy was barely rescued in time, and during the spy masters get away, he lost control of his vehicle on the road and was killed in a horrible wreck.  His two companions would later track down Trinka’s ice coffin which was thrown from the wreckage but Tracy defeated them, arresting one and shooting the other.

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