Flattop Jones Jr.

Flattop Jones Sr. was killed when his son was six years old and Floyd “Flattop” Jr. grew up with his Aunt in South Dakota. An engineering genius and juvenile delinquent, Flattop customized his car into an arsenal of equipment designed to keep him ahead of the law. He teamed up with an accomplice Joe Period for a time but left him behind to be captured by Dick Tracy after they robbed and killed Nothing Yonson.

Flattop hid out in a rental with a girl named Skinney who became enamored with Flattop’s painting and entered his work into a local contest. The painting would win and Tracy and Lizz recognized the work as similar to that of Flattop Jr. and Lizz approached Skinney as an interested buyer. When Flattop learns of this he kills her and flees. After this murder, Flattop Jr. was driven insane by Skinney’s ghost and his hair turned white. He would hang on for several more months before he was killed in self-defense by Lizz Worthingon.

We later learned that Flattop Jr. had a sister, Angelica “Angeltop” Jones and his mother was Stiletta Jones, who left shortly after he and his sister were born.  Angeltop has since died after herself battling the law while their mother seeks vengeance on Dick Tracy.

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