Gretchen Von KluMeister

Gretchen Von KluMeister was the granddaughter of an old East German spy, Baron Von KluMeister but was also working with a faction of Russian spies for a Moscow spy chief named Coldspot.  Gretchen and her grandfather seemed to escape to America ahead of a hit squad where she was kidnapped by a Russian agent named Red Aurora.  In fact, she arranged all these events, and when the Baron slipped away because of some cold war sleeper agent programming, Gretchen and the Russian agents escaped Dick Tracy and the CIA and raced to a media building where they hijacked a helicopter.  Their plan was to attack the Washington D.C. Rotunda, but Dick Tracy and Agent O’Brien brought her copter down just before the Rotunda.  Surviving her crash without injury, Gretchen saw her grandfather, who had dug up an old bomb and grabbed the device, racing for the Rotunda.  Unfortunately, she had not realized the bomb was armed and it exploded early, killing her.

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