The Jumbler

JumblerThe Jumbler’s real name is K.T. Hunter, a frustrated cryptographer who wanted the job of providing Jumble’s for the city newspaper. Denied the job, Hunter took on the persona of the Jumbler before launching a crime spree with Jumble themed clues left for the police.

These clues were left online on U-Tube with the first, “I am a Scottish Rummage Sale” directed at Dick Tracy to introduce himself as “The Jumbler”. The next clue, “I am a Medieval Pastry” tipped his hand at a heist of the 10th Annual Madrigal Days Renaissance Fair. Police did not pick up on this clue and the Jumbler held up the “Reeve” carrying $50,000 in cash and escaped the fair after he dropped marbles out of a vest worn by his dog, Crypto.

JumblerMessageThe Jumbler’s second clue, “Will you join me for some light reading, see you in the funny papers,” was interpreted by the MCU to be targeting Old Finely’s Pharmacy where they had found a cache of lost Golden Age comic books during renovations. Dick, Sam and Lizz arrived to find the Jumbler posing as an appraiser looking through the valuable comics. The Jumbler knocked down a wooden scaffolding and escaped through a vault which simply led to an office and a back door. It was later revealed the Jumbler had worked at the pharmacy and new the vault was not real.

Dick Tracy discovered the Jumbler was further tipping his robberies with the newspaper Jumbles by replacing planned puzzles with puzzles of his own making. Tracy’s team waited for the next altered Jumble and solved it early, figuring that next target was a jewellery store holding a “dig for the diamond watch” event. With Sam, Lizz and Lee inside watching the event, nothing of interest happened, but when the store owner went to retrieve the real watch from a floor vault he found it empty with the bottom removed! Outside the Jumbler and Crypto exited the establishment and boarded a bus with an advertisement on the side for the paper’s Jumble. Dick Tracy was waiting on board and took both man and dog into custody.

The Jumbler’s story crossed over into the actual daily Jumble which itself did a week of Jumble’s dedicated to Dick Tracy.  Check out Off Topic’d’s blog post for the full details.

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