Karpse was creating poison gas for a foreign powers and used molasses shipments to further his goals.  Accomplice Marro tipped Dick Tracy off to investigate Karpse because of his involvement with female foreign agent halone.  Karpse learned that Tracy and FBI agent Jim Trailer were after him so he and Halone tried to escape with the gas but were involved in a crash.  Karpse then detonated a bomb on a plane and Tracy and Trailer were poisoned by the gas, Tracy going blind.  Losing Halone on his return trip to the city, Karpse took up a job at Mrs. Trueheart’s bakery but ended up badly scaled when a water heater exploded.  Now in the hospital with Tracy, Karpse was identified by Jim Trailer.  Locking the two of them in a room filled with ether, Karpse planned to burn the two men but accidently lit himself on fire and killed himself instead.

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