Morning Gloria

MorningGloriaMorning Gloria was a powerful woman who took over the “Say it With Flowers” greenhouse after owner George Decopolus suffered a stroke. While she ran the greenhouse, a dim-witted (but large) nurse named Mina took care of Mr. Decopolus. Mina referred to Gloria as her cousin and one or both of the two may have been Decopolus’s niece.

Gloria was also on the FBI wanted list, having been there for over twenty years for her part in making bombs.  She used the greenhouse as a front for fertilizer bombs but when a pair of future terrorists tried to stiff her on a payment she and Mina broke their necks and dumped the bodies in the parking space of radio host Ted Tellum.  This would provide the evidence Tracy needed to get a warrant on the greenhouse and he and Lizz Worthington raided the business.  Gloria and Mina fought back, both woman initially gaining the upper hand in the combat.  Tracy was finally able to draw a weapon on Gloria, forcing her surrender and Mina switched sides after Lizz offered her $10, $9 more than Gloria paid her.

The wanted bomb maker was hauled off to prison and Mina became a minor celebrity nurse after her role reversal was printed in the newspapers.  Gravel Gertie, the next door neighbor of George Decopolus (and a former employee) took over caring for the bedridden man.

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