Mr. Pixel

Mr. Pixel was a well-known computer hacker and one of the best at this talent in the city.  Two weeks after he got out of jail (for an unknown crime) in 2005, he was sought out by the leader of a high-tech gang named Cellphone.  Cellphone convinced Pixel to help him steal technological secrets from Diet Smith Industries.  Mr. Pixel agreed but secretly made a deal with gang member Download to steal the data for themselves.  Pixel dropped an anonymous email to the police with the location of the gangs hideout, “Ye Olde Antiques” and also the location of Laptop and Burner, who had infiltrated Diet Smith’s company.

The plan mostly worked, everyone but Cellphone were arrested by police.  Cellphone knew where Download and Mr. Pixel would be and confronted the two.  Download and Cellphone got into a brutal fist fight and Pixel, the non-violent type quietly slipped away.  It is possible Mr. Pixel had the Diet Smith data in his possession when he got away.  Download and Cellphone were killed by a cellphone security device during their brawl and Tracy would post Pixel’s easily identifiable mug shot on wanted posters across the country.

Mr. Pixel’s face is a mesh of square like pixels.

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