Code named “Boche” which means “German”. Pruneface was a stereotype sadistic German sabotage agent whose plans against America are unraveled when his accomplice Cal Bullet Jr comes under investigation for murder of his own father. Other accomplices are Tojo the spy; Clara the disk jockey and Morgancoin. He kills Cal Bullet Jr and tries to kill Dick Tracy and Patrolman O’Copper but ends up with a broken leg after trying to catch Junior Tracy who made off with sabotage device belonging to Pruneface. Cornered in a freezing house by Dick Tracy and Police, Pruneface appears to have frozen to death.

Reappears years later with unrepentant Nazi Dr. Cyros Freezdrei who unfroze Pruneface back to life and he once again tries to kill Tracy (for the death of Mrs. Pruneface) by freezing the detective.  Tracy “dies” but is brought back to life by Sam Catchem using Freezdrei’s methods. Pruneface is captured by an Israeli agent and taken to trial abroad for war crimes. His trademark is wrinkled lines down the sides of his cheeks.

Just a few years later, Pruneface again employed Dr. Freezdrei, this time to create a blindness virus, which Pruneface’s small army of hired ninjas used to infect thousands in Tracy’s home city.  Tess and Jim Trailer are included in the infected.  The former Nazi spy’s plan is to destablize the United States government, demanding one billion dollars for the cure to help fund the fourth reich.  Tracy, Sam, Lizz and a full swat team raided Pruneface’s underground facility, breaking up the plot and Pruneface and Freezdrei tried to escape.  Freezdrei was crushed to death in the attempt and Pruneface was captured and tricked into giving up the virus’s cure.  Pruneface, went away suffering from a psychosomatic blindness.

In a mostly undocumented 1999 story, Pruneface was finally showing his age in a plot involving his daughter Prunella and granddaughter Prunehilda.  While held captive by Tracy and Sam in a cable car in the mountains, Pruneface’s daughter Prunella demanded her father be handed over to her cable car next to theirs.  Tracy let Pruneface go, knowing he had men at the end of the cable car line but he hesitated hearing this and fell out of the cable car and to his death.  So distraught was Prunella, that she used her handgun on herself and her body fell beside his.  They were buried next to each other.

See Pruneface’s Wikipedia Entry for more detail.

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