Purdy Fallar

PurdyFallarPurdy Fallar was a strange fellow and younger brother of Notta Chin Chillar.  Considered the “good” member of the family, Purdy held down a straight job with Diet Smith Industries after his father died in prison for killing a judge and his older brother Fuller was killed in a gang shootout. Purdy’s mother died while giving birth to him and his only surviving sibling Notta was in jail for stealing a Space Coupe and killing gangster Piggy Butcher.

Fallar was transferred to the Moon while working for Diet Smith where he was a supervisor in the gold mines and also hunted giant escargot in his space time. Escargot was a favored delicacy by the people of the Moon and in this capacity, he grew two of his fingernails long and pointed so as to better slice through the escargots’ membranes. Purdy also had disgusting habit of drinking beef blood which he claimed kept his “soul happy”.

When a corpse was found on the moon with slashed throat and drained ofr blood, Fallar confessed to Diet Smith. He was soon extradited to Earth and upon arriving on his home planet, Purdy recanted his confession, taking advantage of the ambiguous jurisdictional change between the Earth and the Moon. Fallar claimed that he had only done so to get a trip to Earth so he could visit Notta who had recently been incarcerated by Tracy. Dick still suspected Purdy was the murderer, recognizing that Fallar’s fingernails could easily have cut a throat.  But without sufficient evidence he was forced to release the suspect.

After his release, Fallar visited the shrouded underworld figure Mr. Intro and arranged a scheme where a large amount of gold ingots  that had been mined on the Moon would be transported to Earth and hidden. They could then be used to destabilize the economies as the underworld saw fit. Intro may have been working for the Apparatus.  He also smuggled narcotics to his sister in jail.

During this time, Tracy sought evidence against Fallar and Lizz disguised herself as a hotel maid and hid a 2-Way Wrist TV in his room to gather evidence.  They witnessed Fallar practicing slashing motions with his hand on a grapefruit and drinking beef blood but nothing actionable.

Fallar returned to employment on the moon. While he worked in Smith’s gold mine, Tracy and Smith further investigated the murder scene. They discovered a cache of gold that Fallar had hidden, intending to deliver to Intro. Fallar spent his evenings mining gold for this private stash and when one of the men loaned to him by Mr. Intro demanded more money he killed him with a giant laser. This murder was recorded by Smith’s monitoring system.

Purdy beaten by Tracy

Tracy approached Purdy that evening and was quickly fired upon with the laser.  The detective destroyed the device and was able to quickly beat Fallar into submission.  The murderer confessed to working with Intro under questioning after which Fallar momentarily distracted Tracy and Smith, and walked out on to the frozen surface of the moon. This was no doubt a suicide attempt and in -225F temperatures Fallar was instantly frozen in place.

Fallar’s body was claimed by the scientist Dr. Klipoff, who believed he could revive Purdy from his frozen state. Klipoff was more concerned with the pushing forward the frontiers of medical science than the potential cost of reviving a known killer. Notta Chin Chillar provided her consent, and Klipoff began the slow process of attempting to bring Fallar back from the dead.

While Klipoff worked on Fallar’s body, Tracy disguised himself as Fallar in an effort to bring down Intro’s operation. A dozen of Intro’s subordinates were lured to the Moon, where they were captured. Tracy then made Fallar’s first “delivery” to Intro with a load of decoy wooden brink painted to look like gold. When a couple blocks of “gold” fell into the water and floated, Intro ordered his men to fire on Tracy’s Space Coupe. After several warnings, Tracy turned the coupe’s laser on Intro’s yacht, vaporizing it and everyone on board.

Klipoff was seemingly successful in his attempt to revive Fallar, and Fallar was presented to a stunned Tracy. Fallar stood and walked under his own strength, but had hardly any pulse or heartbeat and did not respond to any sort of stimulus besides cigarette smoke blown in his face (which made his eyelids flutter). Notta was brought to see her brother, and her initial reaction was to slap him across the face. This elicited no response from Fallar, and Notta broke down crying. The experiment was deemed a failure and Purdy Fallar was declared legally dead for the second time.

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