The Mole

TheMoleLouis Rewes Jr, aka the Mole was a career criminal since 1911 and an ex-Counterfeiter who was thought to have been fitted with cement shoes by his own gang in 1926 but it was later revealed he saved his own life by providing the gang with a permanent underground hideout.

In 1941 the Mole ran an underground hideout/hotel for criminals on the lam.  A low-level crook named Duke the Dip came to the Mole for sanctuary but attempted to steal his provider’s money.  However, the Duke was electrocuted by a booby trap and then strangled by the Mole who made the body disappear.

Mole’s underground hotel was tunneled under a gas station run by his associate, Oily, who provided supplies in exchange for cash.  Police, who had been investigating Duke the Dip’s crimes soon began questioning Oily and the associate tried to quit on the Mole.  While attempting to barricade Mole into his own hideout he was shot by the underground hotel manager when Mole fired a blind shot out the door which ricocheted and wounded Oily.

In the aftermath of a record-setting blizzard, melting snow flooded the Mole’s hideout and prepared to flee.  Tracy, who was investigating the flooded facility fell into the hideout and the two fought. The two men were separated during their fight, and Mole tried to dig his way to freedom. Tracy had found another way out and caught Mole just as he reached the surface. The water drained out into the sewer along with Mole’s stashed money, which was acquired by the state.  Once in custody, the Mole was very cooperative and served a 19 year sentence.

TheMolePresentThe Mole was actually one of the few villains Tracy faced that he liked. On the Christmas shortly after he was arrested, Tracy gave the mole a gift package of fruit, cigarettes and candy. This kindness astonished Mole who hadn’t received a gift in thirty years.

After his release from prison, Mole began working with his granddaughter Molene.  At first the released convict seemed to bear a grudge against Dick Tracy and became involved with a man named Pouch who ran a smuggling operation with Johnny Scorn.  The scheme went south and the Mole was arrested but released due to lack of evidence and he decided to wash his hands of crime and his granddaughter.

Still he refused to report her activities to the police and expressed grief at her later death when she killed herself along with a rival for Scorn’s affections, El Tigress.  At this point Mole left to work on a farm as a reformed man and Tracy came to visit him while on vacation where the two foiled an attempt by thieves to steal his farm equipment in the night.

Tracy and the Mole were on such good terms that he was one of the three former villains that were invited to the wedding of Junior Tracy and Sparkle Plenty, along with Pear-Shape and Influence.

Many years later the Mole learned his former underground hideout was being used as a refuge for homeless families.  Now firmly on the side of good, the aging man was determined to help these people and allowed himself to be drawn into a charity match with the crooked professional wrestler Thunderchild.  The Mole was frequently taken advantage of by Thunderchild’s publicist Patty Cure during this event until Vitamin Flintheart stepped in to act as the Mole’s agent.

TheMoleNiceAfter Thunderchild was arrested for trying to steal from the charity, the Mole began learning to read from one of the children in his tunnels. In his endeavors to do so and to maintain Mole town for the homeless families, he made good friends with a little girl named Toad Spencer and her mother. Toad was a bright student and baseball player and Mole was very protective and affectionate towards the two Spencers. When Tracy brought the Mole a gift for meals at an upscale restaurant, Mole invited Mrs. Spencer and Toad to go with him.

Toad was later kidnapped as a part of a plot by the serial killer Sweatbox. Frantic, Mole went to former associate Pouch and demanded information to where Toad had been taken. Catching up with the killer, Mole freed Toad from Sweatbox’s car and attacked the old sweaty criminal so that Toad could escape. They battled in the mud and rain until Dick Tracy and Lee Ebony showed up in a squad car and Sweatbox escaped in his vehicle.  The same vehicle went out of control soon after and Sweatbox was killed when it flipped and was hit by a train.

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