TrinkaIn 1937 Trinka was an aviatrix who intercepted and brought down the plane of Lita Flite as it was crossing the Pacific Ocean.  Trinka then broadcast a fake distress call signalling that Lita’s plane crashed into the Ocean without fuel.  Lita’s plane was carrying secret codes which Trinka stole for the Von Rhino Spy Ring.  unfortunately for Trinka, her own plane crashed in the arctic in route to Europe over the pole and there it would remain until discovered in 1964.  Government investigators at first thought she was Lita Flite, and brought her ice entombed body for study by Dr. Ludwick Frost.  Eric Von Rhino arrived first, posing as the doctor.  Von Rhino had an obsession with Trinka (perhaps they had a relationship) and wanted both her body and the evidence in her ice coffin.  Tracy would eventually unravel the plot and Von Rhino was killed transporting her ice coffin, which was lost in a blizzard for many days before it was found by enemy agents who busted her out of the ice just before Tracy arrived to take control of the situation.

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