Virgil Ohso

VirgilOhsoVirgil Ohso was a member of an un-named Ambassador’s staff who was fired for embezzling money. Virgil came to America when the Ambassador was assigned to the States and bought a Stradivarius string instrument off Ludwig Harmonic, son of famed maestro Phillip Harmonic. Virgil then hired an instrument expert named Chris Shendo to install a bomb in the violin and had a man working for him named Low Note return it to the maestro in time for an embassy gala. Virgil wanted revenge on the Ambassador for his firing. Dick Tracy was at the event and deduced a bomb was in the Stradivarius and threw the instrument into a swimming pool where it detonated. Virgil and Low Note were outside the embassy at the time to see the results of the bomb and were confronted by Ludwig who was then confronted by his father. Virgil produced a gun and fired at the pair and Ludwig dove in front of his father, sacrificing himself. Tracy then shot and wounded Virgil, taking him and Low Note into custody.

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