Chum Lee

ChumLeeChum Lee was partner and muscle to Phishface, a sushi loving criminal who used to work at the City Aquarium before becoming a full-time criminal.  The two began online scams and bank and credit account phishing activities and sold copied Themesong CD’s online to lure in victims.  They also developed a virus and then sold corrective boot discs to fix the problem.

Chum and Phishface ran there activities out of a hideout in the Aquarium and when director, Arthur Curry found out, Phishface killed the man and dumped him in a nearby parking lot where the body was found by Vitamin Flintheart.  The investigation of the body initially had no leads, but Honeymoon and Themesong both fell victim to the online criminals and Sam Catchem was able to track the two down at Joe’s Sushi, a daily lunch stop for the pair.

Sam was captured and Phishface placed him in an anchored diving suit inside a large water filled tank with limited air.  He and Chum then left for lunch but were identified by Honeymoon at the Aquarium.  She, Jewel and Joe tackled Chum while a nearby Officer Doherty released police dog Mugg on Phishface.  Both men were subdued and arrested.

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