ScrewballAndCueballNamed after the non-canon Cueball in the Dick Tracy vs. Cueball movie from 1946, this musclar thug and his brother Screwball worked for B-B Eyes during his DVD bootlegging operation in 2011.  When Junior went undercover as Jackie Steele and received a shipment of DVD’s from the two brothers.  Screwball, the more observant of the pair, noticed Junior wore a wrist wizard like those in law enforcement and reported it back to B-B Eyes.  Unknown to the two, Honeymoon Tracy had stowed away in the back of their moving van.  B-B Eyes however saw the young girl on a monitor and began piping exhaust fumes into the back of the van.  Tracy and Sam arrived in time to save the girl and Cueball and Screwball were easily arrested while B-B Eyes made a short-lived escape.

CueballClubTheir boss escaped kidnapping charges, possibly pinning them on the two brothers.  However, Cueball was out on bail towards the end of year running a bar named Cueball’s for B-B Eyes.  The club had a number of musical acts and Cueball hid drug shipments with each act’s equipment after they left his establishment.   Cueball admitted he didn’t own the joint, just lent his name and skill at billiards to the joint.

When Spike Smith Jr.’s band, Son of Spike did a couple shows at Cueball’s B-B Eyes arranged for drugs to be hidden in a cello case.  However, in the evening, with the Major Crimes Squad (Dick, Sam, Lizz and Lee) present, Putty Puss came disguised as Cueball and stole the night’s receipts.  Cueball caught up to Putty Puss at the door and the two exchanged words and gunfire.  Putty Puss was badly wounded while Cueball was killed.

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