FranzFranz is a surgeon from Europe who works for Stiletta Jones, having come over with her to the United States seeking revenge of Dick Tracy for the death of her ex-husband and children. They took Dick Tracy captive after he was wounded in a raid on the new Mr. Crime hideout and kept him confined in a fake hospital room where Franz repaired the wound in his shoulder but kept drawing blood out of Dick to keep him week.  When Sam Catchem tracked Dick down, Stiletta, Franz and Hugo took Catchem captive and forced Dick and Sam into an ambulance.  Tracy faked a heart attack and Sam zapped Franz with a defibrillator when he fell for the ruse.  The two detectives escaped out the back and Stiletta and her team drove away, ready to make another attempt at a later date.  It’s unclear if Franz survived the defibrilator but in most cases this would not be fatal so we assume Franz survived.

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