Lena Nitrate

LenaNitrate2Lena is a pet hyena owned by the Nitrate siblings Silver and Sprocket. The Nitrates are a pair of criminals with a theatrical focus, creating fake vintage film videos to sell to actors and actresses looking for footage of their film beginnings. Murder was a level at least Silver Nitrate was willing to sink to when he murdered co-conspirator Miles Mycroft for monetary reasons. Miles was then fed to Lena to dispose of the body.

When Silver and Sprocket were forced to flee the city, they took their refurbished and famous Flattop Jr. car. Caged in the back, Lena went along for the ride as the escaping criminals battled and evaded police pursuit and finally hid out in a barn. While there, Sprocket let Lena out to stretch her legs and the hyena escaped the barn through a loose board. She was easily tracked down by Silver, allowing him to see cops approaching before they got to the bar. The three took off again, Sprocket crashing the car into a frozen lake. They sunk to the bottom, but the amazing car was built to survive such an event and Lena and the Nitrates escaped to haunt another day.

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