Markov was a Russian agent who worked for Gretchen Von KluMeister as part of a plot to bomb the Washington D.C. Rotunda.  Markov pretended to kidnap Gretchen as she travelled to Washington with her Grandfather, Baron Von KluMeister and then called the CIA with demands for a swap, the Baron for Gretchen.  During this transfer, Markov identified himself as Red Aurora. Markov and his assistant Dimitri were subdued by a disguised Dick Tracy during the prisoner swap and they would claim to be trying to help America, telling the CIA that in fact the Baron was the enemy.  This seemed to be true, with the Baron having escaped custody and now on his own travelling to find a bomb.  However, Gretchen and Markov were merely using this to distract the CIA, and they would ram Dick Tracy and Agent O’Brien’s car off a bridge before racing to a media building and hijacking a helicopter, intending to crash it into the D.C. Rotunda.  Tracy, having found a copter of his own forced their aircraft down early and after Gretchen was killed in a bomb explosion Markov was taken into custody.

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