Munro Brothers

MunroBrothersThe Munro brothers were a four-man team who worked for Méliès and the Black Heart Consortium.  With their mutton chops, slicked back hair and space themed nicknames, they appeared a bit like space loving Elvis fans.  Each brother had a primary specialty, Sputnik handled coordination, Rocket was muscle, Flash was a pilot and Satellite handled communications.

In 2013 Méliès employed the brothers to help him steal Diet Smith’s Space Coupe, which was due to arrive on the George Wheaton farm.  Méliès’ team had a side goal of eliminating any Apparatus organization operatives near the farm and the Munro brothers did find them, quickly engaging in B-B Eyes, Mumbles and Doubleup in a gunfight.

While Méliès , Sputnik, Rocket and Satellite held down the aforementioned Apparatus enforcers, Flash raced to the landing Space Coupe and hoped on board with Doctor’s Tim Sail and Zy Ghote, who were working with Méliès .  Flash piloted the Space Coupe into the air but quickly lost control when Diet used his remote to send the Coupe into deep space.  It is unclear if Diet knew someone was on board at the time.  When last seen, Flash and the doctors were on a collision course with Jupiter.

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